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Parsec/CRSys booking engine can manage a combination of products obtained form different sources. Business rules can be applied to control which supplier is displayed to the user when a given product is available from different sources.

  • Direct Contracts

Our booking engine can manage every aspect of your direct contracts with the supplier.For hotels, this is a list of features supported when the product is loaded in the application database:

- Multiple room types per hotel.
- Multiple occupancies per room type (for example: single use, double use, double plus child, triple).
- Possibility of multiple allotments (contracts) per room type.
- Possibility of shared allotment across different room types.
- Possibility to manage different rates for different markets.
- Cancellation policies with multiple penalty definitions, depending on cancellation date.
- Closed dates. Possibility to close all occupancies or only selected ones.
- Minimum stay, maximum stay.
- Free night offers.
- Early booking discounts.
- Restrictions on arrival and/or departure date (for apartments).

Direct contracts can be loaded and maintained via:

- Administration console
- Batch import from Excel / CSV files

  • Sales and Distribution

Parsec/CRSys allows to distribute the product via:

- Customized booking website.
- White label website (B2B2B scenario).

Multiple agency profiles with different sales conditions can be handled by the system.

 - Custom markup settings
 - Possibility of private allotment on selected properties (on self managed contracts).
 - Market specific rates (on self managed contracts).
 - Rates returned in preferred currency or in supplier currency.
 - Possibility to configure booking and/or alteration fees.
 - Full control over the product catalog offered to the client (for example: blocking of certain suppliers or properties).
 - Possibility to block certain rate plans (for example: non refundable filter).
 - Automatic cancellations for bookings not reconfirmed by the client before they enter cancellation penalties.
 - Credit settings – the agent can be setup as:
     + Full credit.
     + Limited credit.
     + No credit, credit card payment required at booking time.
 - Control of the ability of the agent to print the voucher.
 - Customized voucher per client.
 - XML Access for integration into the client's booking engine.
 - Possibility of white label booking site.

  • Extranet And Channel Manager API

Restricted access to the above features can be granted to the supplier (hotelier) in order they maintain availability and/or pricing. The system provides two instruments for supplier managed contracts (manual, and automated):

- Supplier Extranet: the hotelier can log in to a restricted area and maintain their hotels's contracts.
- Channel Managers with PUSH model integration

  • Product Sourced From XML Suppliers

We maintain dozens of XML integrations to suppliers of different kinds:

 - Parsec Client to Client Network.
 - Online Travel Agencies.
 - Channel Managers with PULL model integration.
 - DMC companies with their own booking engine and API.
 - Other technological platforms like ours.

You can download the list of connected systems here.

  • Operation
- Reporting

The system handles automated reporting to suppliers via email for self managed contracts.

For suppliers connected via Channel Manager API, automated reservation delivery method ensures bookings are reflected in the hotel CRS.

 - Document issuance for clients

Agents can print proforma invoice, itinerary report and issue vouchers according to defined business rules. For example, the option to print a voucher may be granted to certain users only when payment of the booking has been registered.

 - Payment control

Two different modules allow for control of
- Payments to suppliers
- Payments from your clients

- Yield analysis

Comprehensive reports about visits, search trends, look to book conversion rates are generated by the statistics module in order to gain insight on which supplier and distribution channel combinations yield the best results.

- EIS Integration

We develop custom interfaces with other Enterprise Information Systems as needed, so that, for example your financial data can be transferred to accounting/invoicing.