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About us:

Parsec was established as a software company and IT services provider in 1996 and has been fully dedicated to the travel industry since then. Our software has evolved continuously and always incorporates the latest advances in Online Distribution so that our customers can remain competitive with cutting edge technology.

We call our platform Parsec/CRSys.

  • History

Initially, we created one of the first online booking solutions for small Destination Management Companies (DMCs). Soon afterwards, we expanded the capabilities of our software platform to provide services for Tour Operator companies. Our clients were able to get their platforms connected and do business online, long before the birth of XML technology.

By embracing the XML standard and developing our own Open Test Architecture (OTA)-based API we opened the platform to API integration with third parties interested in distributing our clients' product.

Conversely, we started integrating the products from OTAs, DMCs, and hotel chains into our platform as early as 2003. Today our platform enables our customers to complement their own direct contracts with products from over 30 different XML suppliers, and the list is growing every month.

  • People

Our staff and management have an average age of 30, yet half of us have been in the company from its inception. The rest have been with us for more than 6 years.

Our valuable experience stays and grows with us so that we understand our customer’s needs very well.

Nowadays we are hiring in preparation for the next phase of growth.

On the supplier side of the distribution chain, we developed our first Extranet solution in 2000, and did our first XML integration with a Channel Manager solution in 2005.

Today we provide our own XML API to Channel Manager companies used by hoteliers in the main destinations, so that they can develop the integration with our platform.

  • Value Offer

Our platform is so feature-rich that none of our customers actually uses 100% of the available functionality. For this reason, Parsec/CRSys is a highly configurable platform that can address the key business processes of quite diverse company profiles: from small to mid to large sized; Incoming, Tour Operator or both: we can put together an affordable solution for your needs very quickly and efficiently.